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How to use GoProxy?
How to use GoProxy?

This article will show you how to use GoProxy Dashboard. Let's start your journey with GoProxy!πŸ™Œ

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Welcome to GoProxy! In this article, you will learn how to use GoProxy. Let's start your journey with GoProxy!😘


There are a lot of buttons in our navigator:

  1. Proxies: This is the product page. On this page, you can check all the available products in GoProxy, like Residential Proxies, Static Residential Proxies, Datacenter Proxies, and ISP Proxies.

  2. Get Pricing: This is the pricing page. On this page, you can check all the available plans for our products. If you want to order our proxies, you can choose the product and plan you want, and then choose "Get now". After you complete the step of payment, you can start to use GoProxy.

  3. Locations: This is the Location page. On this page, you can check our top 6 countries and the available country list.

  4. Resources: This is the resource page. On this page, there is three available categories below, Help Center (If you have any problem, you can search your problem in Help Center to find the answer), Blog (a one-stop hub where you can find Industry Leading Insights, Field Trend, Technique Tutorial and etc.), and Glossary (a simple dictionary for new starters).

  5. Login: This is the Login page. You can choose "Create Account" or use Google to complete the quick registration.

  6. Free Trial: This is the Free Trial page. Our Free Trial is released via account, so when you click the Free Trial button, you will be guided to the registration page to create an account. After you complete the registration, there will be a "Start the Free Trial" button in the bottom-left corner of the dashboard. You can Click that button and select what kind of proxies you need.

  7. Contact us: There are two ways to contact the GoProxy Team. One is via the "Contact Us" button to raise a web form, the other is to click on the messenger button to send messages to our Customer Support Team.

Free Trial & How to Use

GoProxy provides our users with a one-time free trial so that you can better check whether our GoProxy proxies suit your needs. You can check the details of the Free Trial on different product types below.

Product Type

Data Usage/Traffic Amount

Free Trial Duration

Residential Proxies

100 MB

7 days

Static Residential Proxies


1 day

Datacenter Proxies


1 day

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