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How to use Residential Proxies?
How to use Residential Proxies?
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Step 1: Get your Free Trial or place an order on Residential Proxies first. Click here to apply for your Free Trial!

Step 2: Go to the "Proxy Generator" part in the left navigator on your screen to start to use Residential Proxies. You can choose the Location you need, the Session Type you require (Rotating or Sticky. Rotating means IP will change through each session, while Sticky means IP will remain for a couple of time, from 3 to 60 minutes.), and the Protocol you select ( The Protocol here means the Output Format of the code you get in your endpoint generator so that you can directly use the code to your use case.)


The code format in the endpoint generator by default is Username:Password@Host:Port.
1) The code before ":" is your Username, which may vary after you set a Sticky session or a customized location.

2) The code after ":" but before "@" is your Password that you set for your main user or sub-user.

3) "" is the Host/Server, equal to the gateway of GoProxy.

4) "30000" is the Port that is the passage you get access to the certain IP pool.

Step 3: Now all the preparation has been done, we can start to integrate the code into your devices or browser. Here are some integration guides that may help you.

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