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How to set up GoProxy on Windows?
How to set up GoProxy on Windows?
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Step 1: Click on the "Windows".

Step 2: Search "Settings".

Step 3: Find the "Proxy" function under the "Network & internet" section.

Step 4: Scroll down to the "Manual proxy set up" part and choose "Set up".

Step 5: Switch the "Use a proxy server" button to the "On" status. Next, fill in the blanks of "Proxy IP address" and "Port". Then, choose "Save".

Step 6: Now you can start to process tasks, such as visiting a website, downloading files, and more. If you choose the "Username:Password" Authentication method, you will be asked for your Username and Password when sending a request. Insert your Username and Password into your GoProxy endpoint or proxy generator, and then all the work will be done.

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