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GoProxy Residential Proxies-Quick Start Guide
GoProxy Residential Proxies-Quick Start Guide
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GoProxy’ Residential Proxies comprise real IP addresses belonging to Internet Service Providers (ISPs). With these IP addresses, you can bypass geo-restrictions and collect public data without disruptions.

In this guide, you’ll find all the essential information needed for a smooth start with GoProxy Residential Proxies.

What is a proxy?

The proxy server acts as an intermediary between any device and the rest of the internet. There are three main types of proxies. Residential proxies are private IP addresses from real devices, associated with ISPs. On the other hand, datacenter and mobile proxies are not affiliated with an ISP. Mobile proxies come from mobile carriers and run on mobile networks. Meanwhile, datacenter proxies are virtual and generated in powerful data centers.

How proxies can serve you?

Proxies can do the function of web scraping, SEO Analysis, Market Research, Brand Protection, Price Strategy, and Retail. Lots of enterprises, individual hustlers, and web developers use proxies every day for various use cases.

How to purchase GoProxy Residential Proxies?

We have two main user groups, regular users and enterprises. For regular users, you can directly set the amount of GB you require and order it. Our packages have a minimum standard of 1GB per month, and it can be increased in increments of 1GB according to your specific data usage needs. The more you order GBs, the cheaper you will get a price for each GB. If you have a large-scale project, please contact our sales team, they will do their best to help you solve any problem you've met.

How to charge your account?

1. Log in your account at the webpage.

2. Click the "Deposit" button under your account as shown in the picture below.

3. Choose the charge package you need to purchase.

4. Check the package, discount, and price whether it's correct or not.

5. Click the "Deposit" button, and the website will be directed to the payment page to select the payment method.

6. Pay the bill, and then you will get a notification that you have successfully made a deposit.

How to start with GoProxy Residential Proxies?

Step 1: Get your Free Trial or place an order on Residential Proxies first. Click here to apply for your Free Trial!

Step 2: Go to the "Proxy Generator" part in the left navigator on your screen to start to use Residential Proxies. You can choose the Location you need, the Session Type you require (Rotating or Sticky. Rotating means IP will change through each session, while Sticky means IP will remain for a couple of time, from 3 to 60 minutes.), and the Protocol you select ( The Protocol here means the Output Format of the code you get in your endpoint generator so that you can directly use the code to your use case.)


The code format in the endpoint generator by default is Username:Password@Host:Port.
1) The code before ":" is your Username, which may vary after you set a Sticky session or a customized location.

2) The code after ":" but before "@" is your Password that you set for your main user or sub-user.

3) "" is the Host/Server, equal to the gateway of GoProxy.

4) "30000" is the Port that is the passage you get access to the certain IP pool.

Step 3: Now all the preparation has been done, we can start to integrate the code into your devices or browser. Here are some integration guides that may help you.

3. Dashboard:

  1. Navigator: The structure of the GoProxy Dashboard. (If you are using a screen smaller than 1366*768px, your navigator will be folded. If you need to unfold it, you should click on the four-line icon in the top-left corner of the screen.)

  2. Free Trial Banner/Campaign Banner: If you are with a free trial plan, this place will show your free trial details, like the time left and the "immediately use" button to guide you to use it. If you are without any available plan, this place will show you the campaign now.

  3. My Subscription: This part shows your product subscription, including the purchased product type, traffic usage, expiry data, IP location, and more.

  4. Messenger: The chatbox in the bottom-right corner is used to send the support team messages and check articles for help.

5. GoProxy Residential Proxies Additional Resources

If you have any questions or want to give GoProxy Residential Proxies a try with a free trial, you can create an account and the free trial package will be sent for you automatically.

Also, check out other developer-focused resources:

To make things easier, we've put together some third-party tools supporting to be integrated with our proxies:

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