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What's the best proxy type for Games?
What's the best proxy type for Games?
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There are three kinds of use cases under Games.

  1. Breaking Location Restrictions:

    Many games have different hosts for different countries. With the help of proxies, you can be masked as a local person, so that you can play games with those who are in another host.

  2. Game Offer:

    Due to different purchase abilities for people from different countries, many platforms that distribute third-party titles, like Steam, Ubisoft, Origin, Epic Games, etc. offer different pricing for the same game. So those who want to get one game at a cheaper price will use proxies to bypass location restrictions.

  3. Game Bonuses:

    Some games may attract people with their free games and appealing bonuses to increase their traffic and views. Appealing bonuses are commonly like cash, gift cards, etc. So to avoid their bonuses being fetched by the same people illegally, they will set a variety of restrictions on their users. The most common one is the IP limit. Normally, they won't allow one to own two or more accounts with the same IP, or their cost may not return the equal value.

Under these circumstances, we recommend you with our Static Residential Proxies, which are the best ones for those situations. Here are some reasons for your references:

  1. For the first use case, you should maintain one IP to visit a targeted host, because some games will forbid your account if you log in to your account in different IP addresses frequently. So it's necessary to use a static residential proxy to do that.

  2. For the second use case, most of the users, who are big fans of games, need not just one game offer. Different games may get different promotion periods for the same country. So they usually need to own IPs in different countries for a long time, so that they can get the cheapest price of games. That's why static residential proxies can suit this need.

  3. For the last use case, commonly you should do a variety of login and play behaviors on their platform from one week to a few months, and then you will have the possibility to get game bonuses, so you should maintain the same IP for a long time.

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