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Do you offer auto-rotating proxies?
Do you offer auto-rotating proxies?
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Our Residential Proxies are auto-rotating proxies. After you pay for it, you can set Location, Session Type, and Proxy Amounts. You don't even need to choose the protocol type, because HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5 are all supported. If you set "Rotation" on the "setting" page, the proxy you get will be auto-rotating.

In the picture above, you can check the details. After you click the generate button, you will get a code like this "customer-hobo840192:[email protected]:32213". The letters before ":" is your username, like customer-hobo840192. The letters after ":" but before "@" is your password.

Now all the preparation has been done, we can start to configure your proxies. There are many ways to configure your proxies, but the most basic way is to use your Windows setting function.

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