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Why can't I connect to my proxy?
Why can't I connect to my proxy?
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There are a lot of reasons that may cause this problem. We recommend you contact our support team via the popup chatbox on our website: or email: [email protected], and provide us with the following information so that we can help you better check the problem.

1. Registered email or user ID:

2. Target address(Optional):

3. Product type:

4. Type of issue:

5. Problematic IP and port:

6. Problem description:

7. Time of occurrence of the issue:

(Note: Specify whether the issue is related to the program, third-party software, or fingerprint browser. Also, mention the product type, such as dynamic API extraction, tunnel forwarding, or data center. If there is a program error, please provide the error message, and provide as much detailed information as possible in the problem description.)

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